Mississippi State

Vanderbilt run-ruled Mississippi State 26-3 at Dudy-Noble Field tonight. That was the Bulldogs’ 15th straight loss in conference play, dating to last year.

MSU has been outscored 61-14 in four SEC games this year.

That’s tough. Wow I didn’t realize that Moo U had lost that many conference games in a row

It’s just hard to believe that they have went down that bad that quickly… I’ve never seen a national championship team drop off from the face of the Earth quicker than they have

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How did those clowns ever win a natty?
Ole Piss too.
Let’s git it, DVH!


I think DVH is doing his best to get the players on the field to get it done. This might be the Hogs year.


Nobody deserves it more.


All about getting hot at the right time we swept them in the Starkville that year just like we beat Ole Miss two out of three in Baum last year…

You have to get hot at the right time and get a little bit lucky at the same time but our day is coming.
We just signed the all-time record top 100 players with 13 so nothing but good times ahead for us


Mississippi State has some talent, which makes this drop off baffling.

I may be completely off base, but my theory is that after winning their national championship, the Bulldogs might have lost the competitive fire, edge — whatever you want to call it — that fueled the work ethic required to win at a high level.

I’m sorry, but when did MSU kick the field goal?

After Vandy missed the PAT

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