Mississippi state

Hit w probation in football and basketball. Not for paying players, but a tutor taking tests for players. 3 year probation. Now if they would follow the money they would get hammered. They have to forfeit games from last year, and players will have to sit out 70% of games they participated in last year. Maybe up to 7 or 8 games this season. Basketball rumored to be nick Witherspoon. Football players not named. MSU has the descretion to determine which games.

Are you saying they have to forfeit every football and basketball game last year?

Woohoo we would be 3-9

Now now don’t be too harsh on them. They just made a little Miss Steak. [

MSU vacates the wins. But other teams don’t get them

I know that’s been the way the NCAA has handled things for several years now, but I hate that idea. The games should be forfeits, period. I hate the idea that Ohio State didn’t beat us in the Sugar Bowl, but we still lost the game.

So… if the cheaters played in every win last year MSU’s 2018 record will be 0-5?

Here is a link from ESPN:

https://www.espn.com/college-football/s … -probation

Pay particular attention to the last paragraph. MSU president complains that the student-athletes have been led astray by the part-time tutor.

Those poor little lambs. And all this time they thought it was okay for someone else to do their class work for them.

The fact that was even stated sets the AD up for more ridicule! These are young adults and the damn well know what they are doing and that is all that needs to be said. The tutor knew what they were doing and so did the athletes…plain and simple!

Oh by the way, to top of their day, they probably lost their junior back up QB today. Thompson had been the back up the last two years, and had played pretty decently when given the chance. But… the HC brought in one of his Penn State guys as a grad transfer and named him the starter yesterday. So today Thompson put his name in the transfer portal.

Is there anything in here that will affect their game with us this year?

More evidence that the leadership in so many colleges is a big part of the problem. Overlooking obvious cheating by coaches and then giving dishonest players a pass by saying it was not their fault. Sad.

Well that just breaks my heart. Good to see the bullies imploding. 6 maybe even 7 wins now looks a little more possible.

I looked at tOSU website last week. They list their record for 2010 as 0-1 (loss to Bret Bielema’s Wisconsin) with 12 vacated wins.

from the way i read it, if said players played in 10 games last year, they would have to sit out 8 games this year at msu’s discretion. so yes, they might have some players sitting out the game with us. i would imagine none would sit out the ole miss egg bowl game. depends.

Oh you can bet the rebnecks won’t let it go.

Other MSU news-their coach chose their starting QB today. The other candidate, a 4 star, immediately signed up in the transfer portal.

They should make Mullen sit out games at Florida too…

Vacating wins is lame. Calling them forfeits is the only way it should be handled. I do figure MSU is going to suffer this year in football. But the basketball games they sit will probably be nonconference and it won’t matter when they get to SEC play.

Oh completely agree 110%. I feel almost certain they took some serious hammering from State fans when they got in trouble now the tables have turned. I bet the back and forth is really juicy too!