Mississippi State

Everyone freaked out when Mississippi State swept Arkansas earlier this year in Starkville. Now the Bulldogs are on the verge of doing it to the best team in the nation.

Mississippi State defeated Florida 12-4 today to win the series. The Bulldogs won 4-3 last night after Jake Mangum hit a two-run triple in the eighth inning.

I think Mississippi State is in the NCAA Tournament at this point. It has series wins over three potential national seeds. That is a talented, veteran team that hit a rough patch early with the head coach’s firing, but has bounced back well.

It’s crazy to think of how close we were to winning the outright SEC title. Just a few wins instead of losing almost every road Game 2 and we are right there.

well Fla is pitching their backups to be fair to them,not sure about their lineup but I looked and Singer and Crowar didn’t start the games pretty sure it would be quite different if they did,we haven’t played well on the road all yr for some strange reason but win tomorrow and we stiill can be Division champs just got to go do it.

You can find the negative in every situation.


It’s the truth! That’s the position to be in. Where you can get some work for all your pitchers. It still doesn’t change the fact that Moo U has beaten some quality team.
I hope we don’t have to play them in Hoover.

no whats amazing Gentry is people like you can’t stand anybody telling you the truth!! its pathetic!nobody is bigger fan than me and when I say something its most always spot on! its called reality get a life.Fla didn’t pitch their regular starters! big difference!

You crow about being a fan and all you can do is bitch about it and fling accusations that those who are not negative nellies are blind. Well, in case you dont know you can maintain a positive outlook without picking every single little thing out and harping on it till people are sick of it.

I can watch a play and know exactly what you are going to post. Get over yourself and stop bitching all the time. Its a miserable experience for others.

I post positive stuff all the time. So you get over yourself