Mississippi State pitching coach fired

What have you done for me lately?

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Guess the sparkle is off the College World Series ring?

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It didn’t take long to run out the welcome after the NC. The injuries hurt Moo U. I won’t loose Amy sleep worrying about their problems

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Suits me. Happens just before we play them. Don’t see how it can help them at all.

My guess is there is real pressure on the Mississippi State administration to make a move away from Chris Lemonis when the season ends, and this is his way of showing he is trying to fix the problem. You don’t see many firings like this in the middle of the season.

Didn’t they win the CWS recently (quite recently)? There must be something else going on behind the scenes.

They won the College World Series in 2021 and the bottom fell out after that.

If Moo U fires the HC who would they go after?

Their misgivings likely have more to do with the fact another team from Mississippi won the national championship more recently, even though it was just one year.

As Matt noted, the bottom fell out in Stankvomit last year (last in the West) and has fallen out again (sixth in the West; only out of last because OM is worse). Reminds me of Auburn football; Gene Chizik won the natty in 2010, followed that up with 8-5 and 3-9 seasons and was fired two years later. Natty or no natty, if you don’t make the tournament two straight years at Moo U you’re in trouble. And they’re in danger of missing Hoover two straight years, much less the NCAA.

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