Mississippi State goes into Texas a&m and wins

Miss st wins 26-22 threw for over 400 yd. Surprised by this one. There are no easy games in the SEC

Jimbo has to be feeling the heat.

With Alabama looming for them next week, it may only go south from here.


Yeah it’s going to be real ugly next week

A&M is really regreting the money they paid Jimbo. They will never be a factor on the national stage. We might not be either, but we aren’t paying Sam $9M per.


Jim Bo may need to get a copy of the classifieds soon and start looking for a job! The moving truck too! The rich oil men will send him packing.
9 million so far that’s 4.4 million per win.
Seems like Moo U got a better deal hiring Leach just like the hugs got a better deal with Coach Pittman.

I believe that I heard Jimbo’s record at aTm is the same as Sumlin’s record over the same number of games. I guess that’s what you get for $9MM.


Great statistic.

I’ll say this about Jimbo, he was very smart to get his raise/extension approved BEFORE the season started. If he really felt that he had a championship team, he would have waited to negotiate AFTER this season.

“ Texas A&M football coach Jimbo Fisher has received a raise and four-year contract extension. The Board of Regents on Wednesday voted to extend the contract through the 2031 season.”

“ The terms of the new contract include an annual salary of $9,000,000 starting Jan. 1, 2022 and will increase to $9,150,000 on Jan. 1, 2023. In each of the following years, the base salary increases by $100,000 on Jan. 1.” *USA Today

Auburn made a really bad move $$$ wise to keep Gus and A&M upped the ante on Jimbo even worse. It puts a smile on my face.


Didn’t A&M pay $10M to Sumlin as he was exiting?

According to an article from ESPN, “Texas A&M owes Sumlin a $10.4 million buyout under the terms of his contact, which is to be paid in the next 60 days and isn’t reduced if he takes another coaching job.

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Aggies can afford it and they desert the opportunity to continue doing it with the next coach as well. There is no way we should have lost 9 straight to them but we did. They deserve some of the same karma as well.

Will see how Shorthorns do with OU this weekend but if they played Texas this year and lost , Jimbo might be gone before sunrise then next day.

I hate the Ags as much as any team in the SEC, but going into this year Jimbo had won double digit games in a row and their AD felt compelled like our sorry AD with CBB. A dumb decision because at 7 mil a year he was not going to find that anywhere else. Really stupid thinking from both AD’s.

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The Aggies and Auburn can cry together. Wouldn’t surprise me to see a new AD and head football coach in College Station in the near future. What’s a few million to those guys.


I wonder if Arkansas woooping on them took their Aggie swagger away?

Having an inexperienced QB and O-line will make most coaches look bad.

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