Mississippi State game thread

Lot 56 was as empty as I’ve ever seen it. Obviously the 11 a.m. kick and weather have something to do with that, but was still a little jarring.

How does the crowd today compare with the Coastal Carolina game 2 weeks ago?

I’d say less than there were at kickoff than there were then. That crowd filled in nicely. We’ll have to see what happens today. I think there are some students who may have already gone home for Thanksgiving.

Blind Hogs find an acorn!

Didn’t take long for the dumbest post of the day to be posted. Really? After all these players have gone thru, you can’t enjoy a special teams break without being negative? Ridiculous.

There’s been a lot of ridiculous posts on this board this year.

Team seems to be taking full advantage of the break. They’re flying around.

Allens arm cost us a TD on that throw to Stewart, he doesn’t look like he has any zip at all.

Wow—another Center knocked out? Here comes Raulerson

Hammonds’ first carry shows why sometimes he doesn’t get too many touches. Instead of putting his head down and getting 3 or 4, he dances and lost yardage.

I think it also comes down to the fact that we use him so rarely that if he comes into the game, you can guarantee he gets the ball. The Defense knows that and keys in on it.

That’s been a saying for as long as I can remember and while that’s not as long as it used to be it’s still a while… nothing to get your dander’ up about.

Agim came to play to day!

More blind hogs in RRS! Better to be lucky than good in some games. Feels like State has a Bama hangover. We’ll take it.

He got it there, and there was no reason for Stewart to fall down. Stay on his feet, he still might score.

The way I saw it is he stumbled because the ball was under thrown and he had to slow down and let it get to him. That throw is supposed to hit him in stride.

I’m not an allen critic, but his arm doesn’t look healthy.

Both DB’s fell. Both our WR’s were open. Good route. I agree, I think the ball was a little underthrown

Our offense isn’t sharp today. We need to score a lot more and can’t depend on multiple turnovers to get the points.

I’m sure AA’s arm is not 100%. I’m also sure there was no real reason for Stewart to fall down making the catch. Especially not falling backwards, which he did.

I know all teams deal w/injuries m, but my goodness, what is the deal w/AR this year? This is uncanny.

If you’ve ever been running and had to change your momentum you understand how easy it is to fall backwards.

I was no D1 athlete but I was lucky enough to play 4 years at Southern Arkansas, as a WR. To me that play had no fault on Stewart, he did his part with a fantastic route.