Mississippi St at Arkansas game 3

It’s 71 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium. :boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball


Thanks Marty for getting on the folk from the athletic department that allowed that unsportsmanlike video to be played Friday. That’s not the type of program we want. Go Hogs!


Need to keep the pedal to the metal. They lost the first two games at Georgia a couple of weeks ago and came out and pounded them 20-3 on Sunday.

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Yeah, that’s the funny thing about baseball. Two lopsided wins are no predictor at all for the third game’s outcome

Yeah that could have happened anytime in the first two games. Their backs are against the wall today. The threat of getting swept will certainly motivate a team.
If Wiggins in on today and we keep hitting and play our usual great defense, we should get the sweep

Wiggins with a 98 mph on the corner I like that

Yeah and just to go to show you you put it down the Middle these guys are going to hit it …home run for state

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Wallace has a cannon

Really nice play by Wallace for the third out. That was a long throw on the money

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This guy just blew it by us with ease 96 on the gun and we aren’t even close to hitting it ball is in the mitt when we swing…k the side

That MS pitcher owned us in the first


Wow! Blew right by three in a row.

As much as we faced our guys you think we’d be used to that. Evidently not.

Well, MSU is seeing the pitches well.

so far they’re doing a lot better job of hitting them than we have because they just hit two almost to the fence that inning

Yep! Teeing off of Wiggins. Ending up being long outs, but still…

Stinking shift just cost moore a hit

I hate the shift.

Good at bat, Slavens.