Mississippi St at Arkansas game 2

Yeah some bad luck there

Now with 2 walks we have runners at 1st and 2nd. This is the right time for Slavens to smack one.

Okay slaven here your chance give one a ride here and get us on the board

Wow Slavens had a 3-0 count. Drivers seat. Walk. That’s a good AB.
Bases loaded and 1 out. The hogs need to score here. Battles needs to take that high strike.
Well we got the run on the fielder choice.

That was a great at bat he didn’t swing at any bad pitches

Yes that’s a real good sign for Slavens.

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Crowd looks good!

Well Wallace has a chance to do some damage with the bases loaded.
Wallace got a big hit there. 2 RBI’s.
Well it didn’t take the higs long to take the lead.


Way to go Cayden big two RBI hit

Thank you for the wild pitch. Free run.
4-1 hogs.

Well this dude here is lost all control! Turner needs to turn out the lights right here for him

Yes thank you. That was a great slide by Gregory

Now we are cooking, with alittle help!!

Yes sir it was! The review here is a bit silly. I think Gregory was clearly safe.

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Yeah I’d feel better if we were smashing the ball all over the ballpark but they’re obviously in a giving mood so I’m in a good receiving mood LOL

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Well when the hogs do crank up the bats it will add to the misery of Moo U!
I sure don’t hear no cow bells!!
That’s a tough walk for the starting pitcher to leave in the second inning down 4-1 and only allowed a couple of hits. Man he had zero control.

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Well hitting the ball hard, just at them. And I’ll take it to!!

Okay Smith need you to come out throwing strikes, let’s have a good clean inning, we got you some runs

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That was awesome Hagen three up three down on about eight pitches

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