Mississippi St at Arkansas game 2

It’s 68 baseball degrees at beautiful Baum-Walker Stadium.
:boar::baseball: #WPS #ThisIsBaseball

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Well I’m waiting to hear them say play ball.

Earlier my TV guide showed the game at 6:30 on SEC network. I hit “record” and now several hours later the game is not showing up on my guide!! Now shows Tenn. vs. Vanderbilt at 7PM…currently showing AL and A&M playing.

Fingers crossed for Brady. Sure hope he breaks out today. It will interesting to see how DVH plays it today.

Just thinking the same thing about Brady, we need him to get hot.

We definitely need Slavens to return to last year’s form if we’re ever going to make a serious run this year.

I hope so for our team and for the young man, he has fought long and hard to get to this point and I hope he goes out with a bang and not a whimper.

Yeah hoping slavens doesn’t have a Martin slump after a great season b4.

Smith is not sharp so far flirting with danger these two walks

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Past flirting now. Full fledged trouble…

He’s not even freaking close

How bout this batters girls softball pants….

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Good job of getting out of that with only one run that could have been a disaster.

For the life of me I don’t understand why espn has banned from mirroring games from iPhones to tv.

I understand little about ESPN….

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Seems like Smiths last few starts he struggled at the beginning but then settled down. Hope he follows suit tonight.

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Great inning right there! Much better command

I have delete and reinstall the apps on iphone, ipad, and Roku over and over. Sometimes, a couple of times per day. I keep getting a message that I am only partially authorized to view the contents. Very frustrating.

How in the world can you hit the ball any harder and just bad luck right at the LF.