Mississippi St at Arkansas: game 2


Awesome start by wicklander!!

shoot should have got a lot more than 1 out of that…

Strike 3 on Kenley was about a foot inside

Boom goes the dynamite!! Grand salami by Martin attaboy!!!


Very lucky to have gotten out of that with only two! Got to learn to finish these guys off he’s got a great change up I like to see him use it

Hogs better keep scoring! Wicklander had a good start but he walked 2 in the 3rd and forced in 1 run!

Way to go Opitz!! Really needed that 2 out hit.

Sure hope all these runners left on base don’t cost us a couple more hits in this game and it would be out of hand.

Then again Leghumpers had the go-ahead run at the plate and left 'em loaded.

yeah they have one time and we have 2 times.

Wow Martin can absolutely fly!! And that ball was crushed by good heart!!crap kjerstad! You swing it ball 4!

2 horrible at bats by kjerstad and Kenley and then Opitz. We take way too many pitches!! Almost like we’re trying to get a walk. I’ll be very shocked if all these left on bases don’t end up hurting us.

That ump is gonna call it a strike on a 3-2 count if it’s even in the same area code as the plate.

Oh goodness here comes Rammage and he has been awful.

Just when you think the higs can blow it open 3 k’s looking at strike 3 when Goodheart was at 3rd base with no outs and don’t score. You know the umpire has been calling the low strike and a mile outside so take a cut.

Yep!! Happens every freaking time 2 stinking walks in a three-run homer ramage does that every freaking game!!!hanging breaking ball every time!


Oh goodness here comes Rammage and he has been awful.

[/quote]er…(says the “er” frog).

We better hope we win this one because they will have a huge pitching advantage tomorrow. We need to get those runs back right here