Mississippi St at Arkansas: game 1


Where is the velocity on Campbells fastball?? 90 91 so far.

Ok 93 a couple of times,that’s better.

Layoff the high FB!! He does the same thing Everytime…

Hanging breaking ball…

The way Small is pitching and our lack of hitting, that homer could be hard to overcome.
Still have opportunity, but we’ve got to hit the ball.
Campbell is pitching a great game except for that one pitch.
As I type this post, Fletcher gets the first hit for AR.
Maybe we do answer
Come on Heston!

Maybe next inning.
Keep it up Campbell!

Get cute with a breaking ball to a hitter looking for one and he goes yard! That’s the way it goes. We better find an approach at the plate to go to the opposite field.

Opposite field approach doesn’t help if you’re swinging and missing.

Way to go Martin!!!
Hogs take the lead!!!
Great bunt by Ezell to get the runners in scoring position!!
Now Goodheart comes thru! 3/1 hogs. Still only one out!!!
Go Hawgs!!!

Yeah baby!!! Way to go Franklin way to go Martin way to go Goodheart! Oh and that was a perfect bunt by Ezell

Great job guys!

This pitcher is good. But we’re on it!

Let’s put the pedal to the metal!
Don’t let up!!!

Now we just have to hope this long inning doesn’t get Campbell off his game.

I hope not. We need him strong for a few more innings!

Wow! It obviously didn’t that was very impressive!! I need a couple more runs to feel comfortable though!

Zay is DEALING. It’d be nice if he could pitch the 8th and limit Cronin’s work to one inning, although they might give Kosty the 8th.

You got that right! We need some more runs!
Campbell looked took right up where he left off.

I let Campbell finish this game unless he runs into trouble, he deserves it.

I let Campbell finish this game unless he runs into trouble, he deserves it.