Mississippi St at Arkansas game 1

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Great to see bohrofen in the lineup! Hope he comes out raking.

Mississippi state has a lot of power will have to keep the ball down

Weather Service says wind out of the southwest at 6 mph. That’s basically blowing from the right field fair pole to the left field pole.

Great job Connor!

Well they tried their best to help us with a misplayed fly ball first and second nobody out with the heart of the order coming up and we ground to pitcher and two stinking strikeouts…ugh until we prove we can hit a curveball that’s all we’re going to see, that’s all that he thew!!!

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CN looks good

I would have bunted. It would have caught them off guard. Breaking balls are not this teams friend.

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Until we start hitting the ball we’re going to have to start doing some small ball I think

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I hate blowing opportunities like we had in the bottom of the first

Watching Tennessee and Vanderbilt too and Tennessee hit a home run in the first inning they called him out because something was wrong with his bat Vitello like to have lost his mind. They said it had a sticker on it which is supposed to mean it’s okay I guess but They confiscated the bat but they just hit another one with a bat that I guess is okay LOL

They are absolutely crushing the ball

Somebody please go up there and crush one of these hanging breaking balls.
Thank you for listening to me battles!!! But it was a fastball LOL

Are you that far ahead? Battles is just coming to bat.
He just hit the homer

Yes I guess I am I’m sorry.

Oh, I don’t care. Just wondering how you are ahead.

I’m watching on the TV

So am I. I figured it out. I paused for a bit to sync with the radio broadcast with Phil and Bubba.
So I’m behind just a bit. Price you pay for preferring to listen to Phil.


Okay I gotcha

That a boy Turner! And lanzilli!! 4-0