Mississippi prep QB Kenneth Jefferson intrigued by Arkansas (story)...

http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … rigued-ar/

Seems like he would be a great fit for the offensive Coach Morris runs!

Arkansas has never had much luck in recruiting Mississippi since I have been a Hog fan which started in 1957 or so. Those really good players seem to go to Alabama or Georgia, if not, then to MSU or Ole Miss. I hope Coach Morris can change that… Our offense sounds like it may be suited for this young guy, however.

We did recruit a fairly good one a year or two after you first became a Hog fan – that Alworth kid worked out pretty well. Maybe it’s time we landed another one like him.

We did get Lance, but only because Ole Miss wouldn’t let married players be on scholarship. That was certainly Arkansas’s gain and Mississippi’s loss.

By and large Mississippi has been a place we don’t do well for whatever reason.

As noted in the story, his head coach Carl Diffee believes that he will be a great fit for Arkansas.

We’ll see how it plays out, but he is certainly someone that would create some excitement.

Lower, middle, or a higher classification HS in Mississippi?

There are 6 classifications in Mississippi.

He plays at 3A.

and Bruce James, All-American DE, from gulf coast, MS.

Seems to be a lot of momentum on other sites for him choosing Arkansas. RD/DD, what’s your thoughts?

Not many since I’ve been watching, but CJ McLain and Emmanuel Smith we’re very good players that were underrecruited. Also Robert Reed was a highly touted QB from Brandon Rankin HS who was a flop at Arkansas.

CJ McClain

I think we get him…especially now that Tisdale has committed to OM…

I know Arkansas feels good where they are with him.

I heard he was on campus today.

He is…with his extended family…(grandparents & parents, I believe)…

Is he one of the best of the QB’s we have offered? We seem to have offered other pretty good ones. How many will we actually sign if we have enough interested to sign? How many of the offered QB’s are serious about us? If there are several very interested ones, how do we go about making sure we sign as many as we need and make sure they are the best of those really interested?

Nice challenge our coaching staff has in front of themselves… WPS! :smiley:

We’ll sign 1 QB, after signing 2 last year. I guess if a couple transfer we might sign 2, but I doubt it. I would imagine they like all the guys they have offered, and will take the first commit.