Misses at the rim

What’s with so many misses at the rim?
Are we getting fouled and they are just not being called? Is it good defense? Bad decisions, or are we just bad at making shots at the rim?
Maybe it’s all of the above??

There were several times today players had open shots and passed those up to drive into a crowd and throw up a brick. Even if the shot is right at the rim of your surrounded it’s a horrible shot!
Notae, Tate heck the whole team did it today. The hogs are getting poor point guard play and players are just not getting it done.
Effort is what’s missing on defense. Hustle and effort! Sills seems to be going through the motions when he’s on the floor right now.

Have to go stronger to the rim and finish. Kind of like some the shooting struggles, some of it is mental.

Not trying to be overly negative and I know the players are coached from beginning basketball to drive the ball to the goal, but after a long period of trying this and not being able to finish, is there a point where you say, this is not what I do? I relate it to my golf, when a hole sets up for a fade, and realizing I don’t have that shot, I don’t make the hole worse by trying the fade.

I get that but as a hoopster, you’re taught that part of an overall game is going to the basket. If not, you lessen your threat as an offense threat.

I think that is where a lot of our players are. For example, even Moody. Have watched him play from his JV days. That is not something in his tool box.

There is a huge difference between the aggressive attacking players Oats and Wade have brought in and what we have.

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Again relating the misses to golf, a fast takeaway makes it harder to square a club up on the downswing. That’s just physics. Misses around the rim are not just a Hog problem, it permeates throughout basketball. Players are in-love with speed/quickness (which are terms showered on them from the time they bounce a ball for the first time) and players are “quick” around the rim and physics come into play just like golf. Now, defense in the paint certainly dictates ball release speed some of the time, but how you practice will dictate success in live action. Watch other college teams, it’s an issue in today’s game. Doesn’t make it any better when it’s your team that misses pointblank shots, but a reality.

Just a thought here, since I know not much about the game, but I remember in the past when our guys would not try to penetrate and draw fouls to potentially neutralize the other team’s bigs. Now that they are, they are not finishing well but they do draw fouls. So there’s some good in that bad.

I’ve seen more drives to the basket result in a missed layup over the top of the freaking backboard than I have drives resulting in drawing defenders and passing out to an open shooter

When I played in the 60’s we were taught to shoot or lay the ball in the square. Most kids just shoot for the rim.

Is covid the reason our players seem to be reluctant to even JUST DUNK IT??? if and when the lay ups wont fall, the threes don’t fall and we just seem to aim amiss on the 5 footers. There IS a game plan for our offense. Sometimes just allowing the guys to just loosen up and play some back yard ball will break the ice.

Couldn’t dunk the ball until my soph or Jr year in HS in the 70’s. Big men and everybody learned how to shoot around the basket and make layups thru contact or not.That backboard became your assist man.
In that era it was quite evident how well 7 footers could shoot in the paint in college and transformed that to the NBA. Using backboard, turn around jumpers, quick moves to the basket for finger rolls & lay ups, jump hooks, sky hook, etc. It was a more bang bang game then to.

My belief is shooters are gun shy because they get their shot blocked so much going to the hole. They are not concentrating on the shot because they are anticipating it being blocked from behind or from someone out of their field of vision. They don’t want to be the victim. It is unmanly.

That is my story, and I am sticking to it.

Early season games did not feature a lot of athletic opponents who out-jumped their height, or were longer than they were tall. That means that the rim was less contested than it is now. A mid-major 6-9 usually doesn’t have 7-0 length or have a 40-inch vertical. We are seeing players who have those gifts more than we do. You don’t like getting hit below the numbers where it isn’t a foul as long as they don’t also hit you above the numbers…and really don’t like it when that results in a block.

Contrast with Chelsey Dungee who is faster than virtually every opponent her size or taller, and she is longer than most her size or shorter. She gets the ball up before it can be blocked. That whole “guys can jump out of the gym” thing is real. Watch Desi and Notae - they try similar scoop shots at the rim because they can’t outjump the giants in the paint. Neither are physical enough to go through that size, so they jump away from contact too much. Desi doesn’t when things are falling for him. He must have some serious between the ears coaching that is needed - his mental game is WAY off.

The outside threat is minimized if you can’t fake the 3 and then drive to the rim. It eliminates a big part of our game. Vance and Connor are two that cannot fake outside and make it to the rim, or choose not to. Smith can. Moody can but even he is intimidated by the size inside. Tate as well. Mason Jones and Jimmy Whitt were both smaller than the trees but tougher between the shoulder blades (heart) and just willed themselves to succeed inside.

The NBA game is going to drive the college game and it is 3’s and layups and FTs. Midrange game is almost non-existent in the NBA which makes it a white elephant in the college game.

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