Missed out on a great opportunity

The majority of the calls went our way, the crowd was electric, their really good coach was ejected, yet we blew our chances at a great resume building win. Can’t blame this one on the calls or the announcer or anything other than ourselves.

Never would have guessed that Mason would miss 4 free throws in a game. Or Jimmy would miss some of those jumpers that are usually automatic. Or we would always seem to have the wrong guy shooting the ball at a key time. Maybe Muss and the guys just weren’t quite ready for prime time yet. We will learn and get better from this experience hopefully. Still love this team but hate to see such a winnable game given away. A lot of ball left to play and a big game coming up at Miss St next.

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You are 100% right on your comments. Too little effort from our top 2 shooters, Jones and JO. What’s happened these past two weeks? And if they can’t hit 3 point shots and force play to go from Zone back to Man to Man, then we are doomed for defeat from most teams in the SEC.

The Kentucky defense wasn’t giving Jones and Joe many good looks. The Wildcats know you can beat the Hogs if Joe and Jones don’t shoot well. Neither was hitting the 3 so Jones started driving to the hoop time after time. That is what they gave us and he took it.

We are not on Kentucky’s level, yet. We should be in a year or two. Musselman needs more talent and I would bet he gets it. We were outrebounded by 20, shot poorly, yet were ahead with 7 minutes left. We weren’t scared. We just are not as good as Kentucky.


Well stated jhawg. Maybe our hopes were too high due to our very good record going into the game.

I disagree on the “effort” comment from HamOp. It was not lack of effort. It was lack of production. I thought the effort was great. I thought the “want to” was great.

I always remember some of the major lines from former coaches. Eddie Sutton caught my attention years ago when he said players have to reach the magic level.

The magic level is that their emotions and energy have to be way up for big moments. But they can’t be too far up. You can get your emotions too far above the magic level and then don’t perform or produce at the peak level. That’s what I saw at times in the Kentucky game. They tried too hard, or wanted it too badly. That was with several players. You have to be calm and effective in the key moments.

When Mason Jones misses four free throws, something with his nerves are going too fast. The quick twitch muscles can ruin you if you don’t keep it all under control.

It’s like that in golf. I can remember trying to make a key putt and realize that my mind and body were not in sync. I’d have to back away and re-program and tell myself to become calm. Soft hands win with putting. Tense hands lose. Sometimes you can’t do it.

Again, I do not think our top players lacked effort. They gave great effort.


I agree with you Clay.

Clay, I recall Nolan always said that his goal was to keep his players at the same level regardless of the opponent. Not have highs or lows. There was a reason he said we always worry about our team and not who the other team is. Some fans took that mean that Nolan doesn’t scout the other team, it wasn’t that. It was keeping your team on an even keel.

It will be interesting to see how Muss’s personality and emotions on the sideline translates to the team performance in times of adversity, Personally I prefer a calm coach because that is who I am and did not like playing for a coach that showed negative emotions. But there are many ways to skin a cat, so I am not against Muss’s personality. But it will be interesting to watch how it plays out.

I agree they played with effort. However, they don’t have the length to rebound and rebounding is critical. GHG!

Effort is not a problem for teams coached by CEM. It can happen on occasion and Muss
will let it be known at the post game presser.

The effort was outstanding.
The execution was not.

I’ll keep saying it - limited height, limited talent, limited bench - it is what it is.

They are 14-3 and 3-2. I expected 11-6 and 2-3 at this point

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Exactly what I believe too Dudley, this team is squeezing out every bit of Talent it has every game. There is just not enough bullets in the gun to go in and win some of these gun fights there were going to be in. That will change very quickly starting next year, but for now as you say ,it is what it is .

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