Missed Opportunity? (transfers)

This is a open-ended question concerning players that were in search of greener pastures. Would any of the below players “STARTED” or “SAW MAJOR PT” this past season:

Keyshawn Embery-Simpson - Tulsa
Gabe Osabuohien - West Virginia
Jordan Phillips - Texas-Arlington

Simpson had to sit out a year last season.

Gabe was 6th or 7th man and a key player for West Virginia.

Phillips became eligible in the Spring semester and started a lot of games for UT Arlington.

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Change of scenery helps some kids. It’s not a reflection on any coach. We all need to remember that especially me!

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My guess is that all of those guys would have had a chance to make a major impact last year because of how limited the roster was. I don’t think any of them would have significant roles on this year’s team or going forward because of the infusion of talent that Coach Musselman has brought in.

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Interesting observation. Something worth tracking as careers of these three move forward.

Gabe was a really nice fit for Mike’s system. He was also a good fit for Huggy’s system at West Virginia. He doesn’t seem to be a great fit for Muss’ “I want at least 3-4, 3-point shooters on the floor to spread the defense”, system. Last year, he would probably have received significant minutes because of the personnel shortage.

I think Simpson would have got some minutes last season with our player shortage. I’ve never been a fan of Phillips. Just don’t think he was a Power 6 caliber player.

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Don’t have any strong arguments against what you stated, except maybe three qualifiers.

On Gabe, he is a high energy guy. I have seen several tweets from Muss talking up energy guys that are not three point shooters.

Embery-Simpson was Mr. Oklahoma as a junior before he went a Prep School as a senior. He was a four star.

Philips is I think one of those Anderson guys that starts producing at a higher level starting with the junior year. Also I remember mid range scoring was his specialty.

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The one thing I’ve noticed about getting to the next level at the 2 guard or forward spot is height. Good playerS are 6-6 and up. We’ve got taller players at those positions

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