Missed on leach

I can’t help but feel that we’ve really missed out on leach. With us seemingly have had lost all momentum with kiffin and Ole piss being the obvious beneficiary, I bet HY is really regretting not making a leach worthy offer while he was interested. Unless of course leach was using us to get a raise

I think if Leach was interested in Arkansas, he would be here. He will not be on food stamps where he is.

Leach simply got another year added to his contract. Changes nothing. Still in play but obviously not first choice.

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If Leach is not the next Arkansas coach, it is because Arkansas did not want him.

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Leach’s contract just added years to the existing contract of $4M/year (until 2024). Also added a payoff of $750K if he is there through 2020. The buyout is thought to be at or under $2.25M, which ain’t bad by today’s standards. The $750K gets made up in the first year with the anticipated $1M/year+ salary increase to come to UA.

I very much think Leach is the back-up plan. Or Harsin, we spent a lot of time in that neck of the woods to not have taken a liking to someone.