Missed bunnies by the bushel

For the record, I am struggling mightily with the missed bunnies in my own game. Very frustrating. I can be excused however. I’m old, slow and can’t jump. Furthermore, no one is paying me to make them, or cares when I don’t. But what in the name of the great Corliss Williamson is going on with this team and its inability to make point blank shots? I don’t think Corliss ever missed a gimme. Is it nerves? Not using the glass? Bad hand positioning on the ball? What is going on here? We are leaving double digit points on the floor. Game after game!


I don’t understand the unwillingness to just dunk it. I have short man’s disease so to me if I was that tall and could jump, I’d dunk everything I could when I’m only 2 feet from the basket… drives me crazy.

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At least Walsh seemed to be taking that approach yesterday. Sometimes that’s hard to do when you have a man between you and the basket.

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Yeah agree it can be hard but apparently so is using the backboard :rofl:

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Bunnies were all I had in Church league basketball. Like the Hogs I could not shoot from the floor or FT line. My D was about all I had.

I used to be lethal in the paint, even though I was only 5’10. If you didn’t block my shot, it was going in. Today I missed about a hundred more bunnies, but did knock down 3 from beyond the arc. I guess it’s like old golphers. You reach a point when you have no short game.

I love this. Of course he did. Arkansas just played two of the best defensive teams in the country in Alabama and Tennessee, and one of the longest in Kentucky. Not an excuse for a 2-of-20 performance on layups, obviously, but the opponent has something to do with it. I tend to think the bigs rushed some attempts at the rim on account of the length the Wildcats had. Get it up quick or get it blocked, and they got shots up quickly.

A little hyperbole from me Scottie, but he didn’t miss often from in close. Like Sherwin Williams, he made his living in the paint!

Most of the misses have been contested bunnies. It may say more about the defenses played by our recent SEC opponents than our Hogs. At one time in the season, I remember praising Ricky, AB and Devon on how they finished. Our bigs have been a question mark on this all season though.

It hard to finish when you get hammered and don’t get the call but it wouldn’t matter about getting the foul called they can’t make free throws. They have proved that.


I know Coach Muss is a big drill person I wonder do they ever have drills to where they are trying to make these little short shots and being hit like they’re going to be hit in a game… I know some coaches have football dummies and the guy would be going up for a short shot and get the crap knocked out of him with that dummy…