Miss Valley game thread

I’ve been watching on the ESPN/SEC+
However I don’t have any audio.
Listening on the TuneIn radio app.

Have we ever scored like this before?

Scored 166 against US International in December 1989

75 point lead. Surely it’s time to let the walkons get a couple minutes of play.

I think the 80 point win is a school record. We beat USIU by 65.

No problem. That’s how I got there too.

Utah beat MVSU by 94 last year. Ouch.

I remember there was great expectation as to the possibility of us breaking the school scoring record in that USI game. The record at that time was, if I remember correctly, 131 points against Baylor during the Lanny Van Eman era. USI was well known for shooting at first opportunity and basically playing no D.

The 131 was surpassed 2-3 more times after that as well.

Scored 131 against Montevallo in 94, 137 against Troy in '96. Tonight is #2 all time.

I’m pretty sure the school record for margin of victory was the 65-point win over USIU. Tonight blew it out of the water. Media guide does not list record for MOV.

About that USIU game. We set a school record by scoring 78 in the first half that night, then broke it with 88 in the second half. We scored 81 in the second half tonight.

Not the MOV record. In 1991 we beat Bethune-Cookman 128-46, an 82-point win.

We killed them on the boards (58-33), shot 56% and 50% from deep (20 treys), 79% from the line, forced 21 turnovers which turned into 43 points. Twenty treys is tied for second most in school history in a game. Put up numbers like that, you’re gonna win very big. Make no mistake, MVSU is a horrible team but we took care of business in a big way.

Shot 67% from the field against USIU; it was basically a layup drill. If we’d shot 67% tonight we might have challenged 166 points.

Fun to see a win by 80 over team like 357 of 357.

We are clearly long and athletic and lots of potential.

Would love to see a 5 game because good teams will guard the 3 game and make us win in the paint on the road. Only vulnerability of Major note these uneducated eyes see.

UA live stats now include some analytics. Moses Moody had a plus/minus of 56. FIFTY SIX. Notae had +53. Ethan was plus 16 in only six minutes. Sills had an offensive rating of 124. CV has 148. Ethan had a stratospheric 214. A total of 8 people were over 100.

Jaylin had the best defensive rating (lower is better here) of 61.9 among the guys who got meaningful minutes.

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