Miss Valley game thread

Vanover currently our leading scorer with 8, including two treys! We’ve played 9 guys, seven have scored.

Starters were Smith, Jackson, Tate, Moody and Desi.

Please post more updates if you can. I can’t watch or listen where I am, but I’m anxious to know who is playing well.

ESPN feed isn’t working for me tonight. Having to follow play by play but no video. Dang…

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Looks a little sloppy, not shooting at a high percentage. MVS is just an untalented team!

Gameday app isn’t updating.

Hogs leading 50 - 22 with 2 minutes left in half

Four in double figures. Jackson with 12, CV, Smith and KK with 11 each. We have 12 treys in the first half. We’ve played 10 and everyone has scored but Devo.

61-30 at halftime.

CV also has three blocks by the way.

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Hogs 61- 30 at half.

Pretty even scoring by the Hogs…

Shot 61% from deep and 56 percent overall. MVSU is really bad, defensively and otherwise, but we’re hitting open shots.

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Here’s the video link:

We are going to slaughter teams like this because when we go to the bench we’ve got lots of guys that keep on scoring.

MVSU isn’t a great team (3-27 record last year), so they aren’t posing a big challenge. But this game is showing how many more options the Hogs have this year. It’s certainly a very different team than the three-headed scoring team of Jones, Joe, and Witt last year.

Play has been sloppy at times, but you can see the talent and size we now have. It’s going to be a fun team to watch.


First game and poor competition, but my thoughts so far: better than I expected- Vanover, KK, Jaylin Williams. About what I expected- Vance Jackson, Notae, Tate. Little disappointed- Moody, Smith. No factor again- Ethan

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I get that link. When I click it says something went wrong. Not working.

I got video at https://arkansasrazorbacks.com/sport/m-baskbl/schedule/

Which took me to the link I posted.

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I’m sorrry. Just trying to help a fellow fan find the game.

The hogs were hot from 3 in the first half. I don’t care who your playing when you are making shots you have a chance to beat anybody.

Connor Vanover is fun to watch. Both Vanover and Vance Jackson have great range. Vanover’s 3s look like a layup.

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Connor looks good on the FT line too!