Miss Steak, Misery and Hill Topper High

Hardly a murderers row. Play the QB who can run and is not a T.O. machine, and those are winnable games. Play Hicks vs. LSU. 5-7 and we are back on track.

I would play Jones and Jefferson against LSU. No more Hicks and Starkel

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Ty Storey will have record day. It’s the universe. Since when have Hogs had easy time with MSU or MO. I have no expectations to win any of these games. Go ahead and put Morris out of his misery

I wouldn’t want either one in the game until LSU has a 4 or 5 td lead. You’re just going to get them hurt in a game we have no shot at winning

They’re going down probably worse than we are.

I didn’t say they would be easy wins, or even wins. I said they would be winnable games if we played a QB who could run and was not a turnover machine. After watching Miss Steak and Misery today, I firmly believe that. WKU lost to Marshall today. We could start Tom Brady against LSU and still lose by 40. No point in throwing the Frosh QB’s into that fire. Give the grad QB’s those memories.

If the freshman are going to develop they need to play against good teams like LSU.

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Yes… Enough of these two quarterbacks. Put in Jones and K.J and go from there and see what they got!