Miss State TV Time

I had heard we had another 11 am kickoff, and just shrugged my shoulders.

I just now looked at the entire conference schedule that day and there are only 3 head to head conference games. It’s crazy that we are not one of the 2 night games. Tenn v Mizzu has the CBS slot at 2:30, and then Vandy v Ole Miss in one night game, and the other is UAB v TAM…YES UAB!

I hope Hunter is yelling bigtime at the SEC office…as well should Miss St.

well when you are the doormat you get stepped on.

I suspect the TV people make these decisions. Doormat vs. Moo U is not a highly attractive matchup.

Most of the rest of the league wants to get conference play over by mid-November. Especially in the East. Thanksgiving weekend, Chickens play Clemson, Wallets play Free Shoes, Jawja plays Tech, Jellycats play the Barely-Fighting Petrinos.

But seriously. It’s in Stankvomit. The Leghumper fans are the people who have to get up early to get to the stadium and tailgate. You just have to wake up sometime before 11.

It may be in our favor that it’s a road game 11 a.m. kick, but I agree that it seems a conference game should always trump a non-conference game with a Group of Five opponent.

i’m an early riser,love the early games b/c I don’t have to wait very long for them to start.especially love the early starts on the road b/c the crowds aren’t near as vocal that early.

Much prefer 11 am at Starkville. Night games in Starkville are now problematic. Noise from the cow bells is louder the more drunk the fans. I think this is the time to play in Starkville.

I’m not much of a night person. I much prefer day games, regardless of sport or location.