Miss Stank

already setting up an interview with Brent Venables.

Oh yeah, they have an AD and we don’t.

We have an AD by the way. She showed some grit by doing the hardest job anyone has to do and that is to fire someone. My question is, will Nick Fitzgerald be back?

Ummm, no we don’t. We have an interim AD. And until the interim is removed (if ever), potential coaches will have a big question mark and that is “Who am I working for?” It’s no different than trying to land a recruit without them knowing who the coach is.

They are hoping to interview him.

HogQ, she had the authority to fire, and so far, the authority to hire. I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I’m not pessimistic.

Do you really think that was her decision? Come on…you know better. She no more “fired” CBB than she will “hire” the next one. She’s the puppet. I’m not trying to be disrespectful of her but that stands for anyone in her situation.

It is certainly possible, but I find it very unlikely that we hire a coach until they hire a PERMANENT AD.

Hog, she had to look him in the face and fire him, right? I saw nowhere that she said “someone told me to fire you”. I actually like CBB a lot, and he respected that, no ambiguities, she had the guts to do her job. Give her credit.

I do give her credit for that. But that was her job as the interim AD. She did acknowledge she was in discussions with the chancellor and others about the decision. No where did she say it was her call to make.

I liked CBB a lot as a person and for how he went about his business. But like Clay said in his article, it was time.

Oh well, who knows, maybe she gets “interim” lifted, maybe not, but I have confidence we’ll be much better off going forward. At the very least we should be 4-4 in conference.