Miss St

Maybe a Ken Hatfield defense is in order where you keep our offense on the field with a lot of running Mary cedar with passes to keep the run lanes open to keep MSU offense off the field

The mighty Quinn was good at that and I think KJ will too

Hope it happens Saturday

State quarterback kind of beat up. He limped through Kentucky game.

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I gotcha. Thx

Well that “unhealthy” QB completed 36/39 pass attempts against UK unless you are saying he got injured late in that game. Altho looking at the stats I was a bit surprised that they also rushed it 35 times. I think that’s closer to balance than most MSU games this year.

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Kentucky turnovers were the difference in that game. In the first half, Levis threw 2 picks inside the MSU red zone… yet State was only up 14-10 at the half.
In the 3rd quarter, UK turned it over twice more (another pick and a fumble) …… both times inside their own 30. State scored both times on short TD drives. Final was 31-17.

Rogers threw most every pass underneath coverage. Rarely did a completion occur 15 yards beyond the LOS. Most of the handful of 15+ yard pass plays were crossing routes with yards after the catch. Of his 36 completions, he averaged 9.5 yards. Impressive, still, for sure…. but it’s not like they stretched the field all night (what many Hog fans fear will happen to us).

Yes, they ran it 35 times… for 95 yards. 2.7 yards per carry. I’d take that run defense in a heartbeat.

Bottom line, we protect the ball, we cover the spread in this game.

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I think they were running clock some probably because of lead.

I’m looking forward to the Pirate’s explanation of why they lost after the game… best mouth in the game.

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Can Ark run the ball consistently (give defense a break and control possessions). and take advantage for big pass plays like TAM to be able to force this on MSU…

Odom will front three on defensive line, can they get QB off the spot like they did at TAM even with a faster passing game or does he had to blitz (secondary concerns) which he is not prone to do?

In short can Arkansas be more physical team? This has been SP’s focus but his team has lost that in last three games.

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