Miss St

Looks good tonight. We are going to have our hands full next week. I was hoping they’d get beat up. Rogers, the leg humper QB, looks like an All- American. UK is a good team, but they’re getting beat by two TD’s.

MSU has gotten about 3 turnovers tonight. We can’t gift them like that.

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Total yards 433 - 216 with a minute to go. No fluke.

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They will run up and down the field on us. I hate those type games. But they are the norm.

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Going to pick our secondary apart

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Each week is different. Hopefully playing in Fayetteville will make a difference. Hopefully we come out and play like we did against Texas and A&M. Tre Williams needs to play like he did against the Aggies. Kentucky got 17 pts on em even with those 3 T O’s.

Ky hurt themselves badly with turnovers in the first half. We have our work cut out for us, but I still like our chances coming out of the bye week.

If we don’t put pressure on Rogers he will eat our lunch


Catalon is a devastating loss.

Yes, losing Catalon is not good at all , somebody Has got to step up next Sat ,for sure.

So do I

Most of MSU’s passes are underneath. Our LB’s will be as much or more active against the MSU pass than will our DB’s.

Bend but don’t break, all game long. :grin:

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Defense has not played in 4 weeks. Perhaps they will this next game. If they don’t, they will get sent to the bottom of the SEC W. Simple as that.

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Back to the 3 man front for MSU?

My main takeaway was that they now have a decent running game. Lots of people say ML hates to run the ball but I guess he’s found, like several others have this year, that if you block it correctly a three man front can be run on.

Also, I was thinking we had an advantage on their not so good pass defense, but they looked pretty good last night. I’m hoping that will change back when we play them.

All due respect to WanDale Robinson, but Kentucky had no Treylon Burks for State to cover. I’m guessing Burks will make the MSU secondary look mortal.

Real question is can we keep them under 50?

Only if we can maintain possession.

The story between Kentucky and Miss State was turnovers. It was last year when Hogs won in Starkville. It generally is the story in this matchup. It was when Hogs played Ole Miss, too. I don’t think Rogers is healthy. In November it’s generally about injuries in these type games. We won’t know who has who until about 3 pm Saturday.

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Well I’m hoping we don’t limp into Mizzou needing a win