Miss St. OL commit interested in Hogs


Makylan Pounders said he loves the Arkansas coaches and how the Hogs are playing.

Do we have a real shot here ?

Also who do we think we could finish with ?

I think we could get Ball,Ian Mathews and am think we could flip a DB ?

What you thinking as of today ?

I don’t know about the competition he was against, but he just pancaked everybody he went after. Sam will know if he is what we need. Somehow, I think Sam may know a little about Olinemen.

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Bump for Richard

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He commits to Ole Miss.

It sure seems that Ole Miss is riding a hot streak recruiting. The media loves the Lane train. Sadly, the Auburn wrong outcome and missing opportunities with LSU and Mizzou probably meant the momentum we had was seized by Ole Miss. Sometimes it just seems we are are always swimming against the current. As good a job as Sam and staff were demonstrating seems now to lose some of its luster. I know that a lot of hay, recruiting wise, for Arkansas is already in the barn and I don’t want to take away from this, but winding down the season, the buzz/hype that is important, seems less trending in our direction.

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Still rather be a Hog and still believe, just hate to miss opportunities to gain maximum momentum. I know the SEC power brokers and talking heads don’t go out of their way to support our brand, so it is incumbent upon us to make our breaks and create our own inertia.

Different context don’t you think?

Ole Miss only had like 11 commits before this week. They’ve got some good ones Altmyer, Iton, etc. But signing day is next week you know.

Arkansas on the other hand has been full for months (Besides Jayden Johnson over Thanksgiving and Cameron Ball hopefully on Signing Day.)

I think I acknowledged that our recruiting class was committed earlier, and the fact that Ole Miss is starting to take shape now lends itself to them getting their press now is exactly the point I was attempting to make. We had both on-field and recruiting momentum earlier and kind of lost our mojo on the field and with limited spots available, gone quiet recruiting wise as well. We are at a stage in our program that even though we may not have the steak, we would like to market the sizzle.