Miss St made

Hawkin’s top 5 list along with AR. Could this be a Reggie Perry scenario all over again?

Will the sun rise tomorrow morning? With Miss St and Honest Ben at the wheel it’s very possible.

I was disappointed when I saw that as well

What truly befuddles me is Starkville, MS. If I was forced to move to 1 of the 14 SEC schools and change my allegiance, MISS ST, without a doubt, would be absolutely last. LAST! I simply do not understand it. I have very good friends that went to MISS ST but it was because only scholarship option, and both of them say absolute S***hole. I do not understand. You’d have pay me A LOT more than I’m sure his players are getting. My point is, regardless of money, why the heck does anyone (not from MS) want to go to Starkville, MS?

Yet he gets quality guards and bigs to go to that arm pit town. Must have some boosters with big bank accounts.

No. Hawkins never committed to us then went on an Adida$ trip with $eth Greenberg

Of course it’s not the exact scenario, yet.
So would you be surprised and/or suspicious if Hawkins wound up in Starkville under any circumstance including committing to them initially?

To answer the question I think you’re getting at, would him committing to Mi$$ $t surprise me? No

To answer the question you didn’t ask, I don’t think he’s good enough for Miss St to be Mi$$ $T. Therefore I’d be shocked if he ended up there, even initially

Fair enough.
Mi$$ $t is the key.
Miss St is just a contender.