Miss St humbles Texas Tech 6-3

Mississippi State threw a left-hander with a lot of off-speed stuff totally shut them down five innings only gave up 2 hits…that kid had only thrown 4 innings all year had an ERA of 6.75… baseball is a strange game! Texas tech had 3 hits all night

You never know what will happen in a baseball game! I just hope our hogs play solid defense this weekend. If our pitching shows up we will be fine.

Going to be a tough series.i am sure they have had this circled since we beat them down last yr… hopefully we play better than we usually do there…have to hit a lot better with RISP to win this series.

I have a question about batting techniques and this launch angle stuff. Upper cutting on the baseball lessens the time the bat is in the hitting zone, so to speak. Is this why hitters are having trouble making contact?

I think so to a certain degree but pitch selection and having good ole fashioned hand eye coordinaton has a lot to do with it too.The longer the bat stays in the zone the better hitter you will be provided you are swinging at strikes which is Casey’s big problem.

Precisely. Pitchers have figured out that Casey will swing at just about anything, especially with two strikes. He swings at pitches that bounce, he swings at pitches that are six inches outside, doesn’t matter. You don’t have to have good stuff and you don’t have to throw strikes, he’ll get himself out most of the time.



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