Miss St @ Hogs

Well it is slow so far.

We’re 0-4 on 3’s so far.

Throw in missing free throws.

Williams needs to figure out what a good shot is.

2-11 shooting and still lead by 2

Yeah that’s about the only positive part of the start so far

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The hogs need to make the free throws.
Toney headed to the line. I sure hope Lykes plays well tonight. Missing from the free throw line and from 3 is contagious!

State got a great defense, we’re going to have to get a lot better spacing and move the ball a lot better because drbbling around out by the perimeters not going to get anybody open against these guys.

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Gotta move the ball. Definitely don’t want to watch Lykes and Devo dribble the air out of the ball.

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Sweet move Devo.

OMG stinking scudmissile Bank in by state

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Wow what luck.

20 needs to get it together

Like that

Looks like a great crowd!

Come on Jay will you can’t dive like that you know they’re going to call a foul… think that’s his second

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Incredible defense by Chris lykes and a beautiful feed to JD


Lyke’s is the spark plug we needed


Lykes starting off where he left off!!!


And that was a no look pass by Chris.


He is a very talented player when he’s under control