Miss ST @ Arkansas

I can’t stand him.

That’s not a travel!

Nope it wasn’t.

Haven’t felt this much vitriol for a player since Monk.

Monk never pushed it as far as Perry!

Someone besides Jones has got to step up! Jones can’t do it on his own. Whitt can take his man if we give him space and Harris can take his if he drives.

Monk said some things to Zimmerman that would make you blush.


How is that not a foul?

And then Henderson made it worse.

Well they TO the ball over likes it’s a hot potato and a tie game goes out to an 8 point lead for Miss ST. Stupid. Move the darn ball!

You can’t possibly end the half any worse than we did that was absolutely ridiculous! We have killed ourself with these stupid walking calls an silly turnovers. We lose this game We can look back at that last minute and a half and see where we did it

Oh my goodness, what game are these officials watching?!

That was goaltending against Sills

And they should have given a technical to the player who hit the three for taunting.

It’s not all us. MSU is getting away with a lot of crap that has led to them shooting 62%

Honestly, we’re lucky to only be down 8 with how this game is being called.

Comeback it coming though. We’ll get some make up calls and someone else is going to step up. I feel it coming.

I hope you’re right…

The irony is we’re winning the FT and rebounding battle.

We aren’t going to get makeup calls. I think the SEC has told the officials to make sure we finish where the preseason predictions had us.

We better hope our defense can come out and get them to shoot about 40% the second half or is going to be tough. They are making everything they throw up

I would hope not.

If these officials are doing their due diligence, they’re examining the first half right now while rehydrating to make sure MSU isn’t getting away with pretending this is a football game.

Very true. Some of these shots are just prayers.

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They’re probably in contact with Greenberg to find out if he will be the bagmen for them, too