Miss ST @ Arkansas

Well I’m hoping to see our hugs fight today and play solid defense. Whether shots fall today or not I would like to see movement and flow on offense. The dribbling trying to knock holes in the floor won’t cut it! Make Miss St work on defense. Maybe Whitt, Sills and Chaney together can can’t some pressure off of Jones!

Well the TO bug has hit early. Walking and just not securing the ball! Bailey needs to go to the bench and clean his hands off!
Mason picks up 2 quick fouls! That’s trouble. He should have just stood his ground by backing off the ref just made a horrible call. Tough break.

How is that a foul on Jones. Perry kicked his leg out when Jones moved out of the way.

I hope we take that kid down a peg or two, he needs to keep his mouth shut or have someone shut it for him.

Where is all this trappin in the backcourt crap coming from!!!all that is done is give them a wide open shot to the basket by Perry both times!! I have no idea why he’s trying that… and now Mason Jones has his second foul good grief!!! Have absolutely no way to score

Agree 100%

THat was not a 3!!!

And they’ve called us for travelling 3 times, all accurate, but missed the 2 times MSU did it.

What about the illegal screens and pushing on that last basket by Miss St. it was like an OLine blocking for a RB!


And they set an illegal screen down low.

My goodness!

MSU has scored half their points off no calls by the officials.

The hogs are getting a little bit of home cooking against them early in this one!
The walk on Sills was no different that what they’ve let go all year long. The other walks were legit. The fouls are one sided and the Screens are being overlooked.

Yep, Musselman better be in these officials ear

Henderson that’s really inexcusable

Come on Henderson!

How can you be that tall and miss one foot shot two times :rage:

Why can’t we get a call in the paint.
Perry fouled Henderson and no call!

Being pushed and shoved is part of it the other part is lack of confidence.

Agreed. They are getting the benefit of the doubt but we’re also not helping missing open layups. Make those baskets, then if you do miss, it makes it look more like a foul.

It’s unhealthy how much I despise Reggie Perry.

I don’t despise him, but he plays like a punk when he plays us. Running his mouth and hit guys after plays.

I said it was unhealthy. He just makes my blood boil.