Miss ST @ Arkansas.

The rebounding issues the hogs have had this season will allow our hogs to play defense Saturday until the Moo U scores.
I’m looking forward to next year where there will only be one Weatherspoon brother on the team. This game will get ugly quick if the hogs don’t battle on the glass. Gafford will get pushed around all game long.
The 3 point shot will decide the outcome. I hope we don’t leave them WIDE OPEN all game long. South Carolina and Missouri beat the hogs and it was the result of the 3 point shot!
Praying for a win but won’t hold my breath

With no intent to rag on any player, but if we start this game with three guards, a 6-6 power forward and Gafford, then this better be an open court game. Otherwise, I don’t predict a positive comparison in second chance points. With seemingly most highly ranked teams consisting of length at more than the guard and wings, we seem to be attempting to buck this trend.

This is a must win game to have any chance at the tourney imo

Hogs win if we play intense defense and turn them over 15 times or more while we don’t turn it over more than single digit figures.
Add to that on offense I believe Gafford has to get 20+ points while Joe and Mason or Embry-Sils need to add somewhere around 15, 12 and 10 points.
This is a game where we will have to have multiple guys crashing the boards because Mississippi St. has several bigs to contend with at both ends of the court.
If we do or don’t hold our own on the glass in this game it could be the deciding factor unless we really have a hot shooting game from the 3 point line.
I hope we can get the win.

Go Hogs!

I hope we get the win too. I just wonder if the hogs can play solid defense and rebound enough to win.

Have to stay out of foul trouble & rebound for starters to have a chance.
After that it’s good defense (without silly fouls) tough chore, then minimize our TO’s & hit FT’s-should be the easier part. Lastly hit higher % of 3 pointers 35-40%.
Need a very noisy crowd.
Do all of the above and it may still come down to last possession.

It would be nice to win, but win or lose it doesn’t much matter because I expect we will win half of the remaining games. Arkansas is in the a middle half of the SEC team and that is not going to change in the foreseeable future. If we win and do better than expected in our remaining conference games, we might play in the NCAA tournament. However, knowing we might win a game and with an incredible amount of luck might make the sweet 16 doesn’t excite me. I would just as soon play in the NIT since we should play more games.

Would feel really good about this game if we could get 15 to 20 productive minutes from Chaney today, we have to have some help inside on the boards while not becoming a liability on offense. WPS

Shoot well, play fast. We have a shot. It would be nice to see Chaney do something. Defend, shot very well, play fast.