Misfortune or what?

We may have all had our times where we thought the football Gods are against us and this might be anecdotal rather than backed by proven data, unlike the absolute fact that ESPN and the NCAA are out to get us! But I saw the SEC network feature on football in the South, which by the way is pretty interesting, even though in the first two segments and likely a few more, we are not part of the conference. I seem to remember that the Bear was once considered a candidate for the Arkansas job, but my memory was that this was after the war when left Kentucky for the Aggie job. The documentary said that the Bear was on his way to Fayetteville for an interview on December 7,1941 and upon hearing the news on the radio, he turned around and returned home to join the Navy.

What would Arkansas football have evolved to, if the football Gods had not colluded with the Japanese and embarked on the cowardly attack on Pearl Harbor? While he may have bolted Arkansas for Alabama in time, but if he chose to stay, this would have meant no Broyles era at Arkansas.

Suppose I should just be looking forward to winning a SEC game, I know we will, just hope it comes soon.

I suspect he would have left us for Bama when “mama called.” But it would have most likely helped us build a better foundation then what we ended up with.

Actually Bear had the Arkansas job but the President of Kentucky would not release him from the last year of his contract even if they knew he was gone as Adolph Rupp wanted Bear gone because he said, “there is not room on campus for two big coaches, guess who is going” So Bear had to stay at Kentucky another year but Arkansas had to hire a new coach so Bear ended up at A&M. That would have been in the 50’s.