Misery will celebrate

Their win over the Hogs this year in football Saturday at the basketball game. Apparently the Battle Line Trophy will be a part of the celebration at halftime. And Misery fans will wear “beat arKANSAS” shirts at the game.

I’m thinking we may be developing a real rivalry.

This will never be a rivalry in my book! Taking the Thanksgiving Game with LSU away from our hogs was just another slap in the face The SEC and Jeff Long pulled off!

But LSU never considered us a rivalry either. They saw the battle for the boot a manufactured rivalry.

The way Mizzou keeps acting, they’re trying their best to make it one, and I’m happy to oblige.

arKansas…cute. Well they are trying.

I wish our rivalry was Texas A&M and we still had our turkey game with LSU!

Start beating some people with regularity and rivalries will develop.

You can’t create them.

This is the crucial element. You can’t have a real rivalry until there is something important to play for and one or both teams feel so wronged or humiliated at some point as to engender lasting malevolence. Ark-Ole Miss became such a bitter rivalry decades ago that they had to stop playing each other. Now when we play them they’re just another SEC West opponent, with maybe a little border bragging rights at stake, but nothing more it seems.

Much more than just bragging rights. I wish oleamiss would never
see a winning record in any sport. NOT EVER.

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