Misery tigers are crushing it on the recruiting trail

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Going to be a tough series again

Yes but it will be like a one hit wonder. We know the older Porter is a one and done. The younger, also a 5 star will be at the most a two and through. Then we will see what ole Cuonzo can do on his own again.

Martin has also not exactly coached his way to glory to date. They are going to win more games based on the talent upgrade, but the jury is really still out on whether the guy can really coach at this level. One could argue to date he’s done less with more.

They may not put it together, but they’ll have talent.

It is going to be very difficult to predict the SEC this year. If the league is as good and deep as a lot of national people seem to think it will be (and I agree), winning 10 or more conference games will be very good. I could see a team winding up with 12 or 13 wins and being in contention the final few weeks of the regular season.

Thing about Missouri is they will be young and will be learning a new system with a new coach. You rarely see teams that young have a ton of success unless they are stacked with 5-6 McDonald All-Americans like Kentucky.

And we’ve had some teams in the SEC recently that have had a ton of talent, but because they were so young it didn’t amount to much. Mississippi State, had the #5 recruiting class last year and had the #2 rated guy the year before that, and still haven’t made the tournament. Auburn had two top 15 classes in a row and didn’t make the tournament, LSU had Ben Simmons to go along with a top 10 class a couple of years ago and didn’t make the tournament.

It’s hard to come into the SEC and immediately do well, it rarely happens. Conference is much tougher than people give it credit for. With Missouri, Porter is going to be really good, but the rest of those guys are like top 50 players and will be 4-year guys, it’s not like he’s got other lottery picks with him. It’s going to be some growing pains for them. But, they definitely have something to be excited about for the future.

They will get plenty of games on TV. That should help Cuonzo’s future recruiting.

Speaking of TV games, I hope our NLR game is on TV this year. It’s kinda ridiculous that something can’t get worked out to get them game on TV every year.

Last year at Cal Martin had a senior former top-25 recruit at SG Jabari Bird, a top-75 frosh at PG Charlie Moore, and a former 5-star, top-10 recruit at PF in Rabb. Bird and Rabb were chosen in the second round of the NBA draft. They lost in the NIT first round. As he had done at every other stop, he got out of town after three years. The year before he had a top-5 pick in Jaylen Brown to go with Bird and Rabb and a quality senior PG. They won 23 games and got knocked out of the NCAA in the first round.

So, he couldn’t get Rabb, a 5-star, into the first round after two years. His teams at Cal underperformed relative to talent. He’s been to the NCAAs twice in nine years. His claim to fame is the surprising run to the SS with UT in his final season there. Two important players on that team, Maymon and McRae, were Pearl holdovers. The PG Barton was a senior transfer from Memphis. So, what is the basketball reason that recruits would flock to play for Martin?

Yeah, the team with Rabb and Brown underachieved and he didn’t do either a lot of good when it came to the NBA. Rabb came back to school and his stock went from potential lottery pick in 16 to second rounder this summer. Brown obviously still was taken No. 3 in last year’s draft, despite being a little shaky at times at Cal. He played well for Boston this year and showed a different level of skill than he had in college. Some guys are just more suited to the more open NBA game, but he definitely didn’t showcase all of his ability at Cal.

Talent may not always win, but teams with talent wins more than teams lacking talent.

I can tell you that one of the issues with the North Little Rock game being on TV is that it’s not set up for easy transition to be an SEC Network game. The facility does not have ready made with built in TV like Bud Walton Arena. They have to bring in a truck and set everything up from scratch. Not the case anywhere else in the SEC now. So it’s expensive to do the game there unless a national network picks it up. That may sound far fetched but it’s the truth.

Clay’s right. Verizon isn’t a ready-made venue for TV games like BWA is. If the NLR game is only worth SECN+, it’s hardly worth it for an audience watching on tablets, iPhones and laptops

I wonder where Conzo’s next stop will be.
He has a hard time holding onto the lead late reminds me of Stan Heath.
I hope the league is tough and Kentucky gets beats by everyone. I know that’s a pipe dream but I can’t stand Greaseball