Misery loves company - thanks BP

BP ended his season with a final game equally as poor as our game against MO. Lost to the 2nd or 3rd worst team in the SEC. Everything was in place for Louisville to make the playoffs, then blown out by Houston, and an awful loss to KY.

You know what you just posted is blasphemy. Right? :smiley:

The fact is, college football has changed over the past ten years and there seems to be some parity forming across the board.

I tell my wife, this planet is constantly seeking equilibrium. College football is not exempt. At some point, everything will be the same. Fortunately, I’ll be outa here.


I am delighted whenever a Petrino loses a football game. I wish them no ill in their personal lives. But they deserve to lose a whole bunch of football games. Over time!

Good post!

Look at this year in the SEC - forget Arkansas for the moment.

  • MSU beat TAM when they were still a contender for SEC West
  • SC beat Tenn (CBS’s favorite team)
  • UF beat LSU. Say what?
  • Ole Miss devastated Georgia
  • Vandy beat Ole Miss
  • Ole Miss might finish last in the West
  • LSU fired it’s coach mid-season

Life is a crap shoot and so is CFB!