Misery coach

Drinkwitz seemed to be just a little unhappy with the new Razorback staff yesterday. He made this comment in his signing day presser…

“A school to our south of us kept seeming to recruit every player we offered”

And it appears we signed most of those.

So far (IMO) Coach Pittman is doing better than Drink or LK. I have confidence he is the right guy at the right time. Sure hope so.

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My heart bleeds for ole Mizzou. Maybe if they hadn’t fired the man he would have more loyalty to them.

I am so glad we got Sam instead of Drinkwitz! Sam will be a good coach no matter what CBS says.


CSP at Arkansas was a great hire - the right coach at the right time.

Drinkwitz may someday prove to be a great coach, & if so hopefully Arkansas has the opportunity to bring him back home.

Still relieved that LK & Leach went elsewhere.

We have lost a lot of games agains Mizzou. We need to right that ship so they’ll hush up.

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Welcome to big boy college football Drink! Did you honestly think that Odom wasn’t going to re-offer guys when he got to Arkansas that he has been evaluating and recruiting for years.

Sounds like sour grapes and a lot of whining on Drinks part and a little surprised he even brought it up.

Boo hoo. Schools to the North, South, East, and West have been recruiting every player we offer for a long time.

I didn’t realize that we could have simply said, “Texas, we already offered this guy,” and that would have been enough.

Edit: Not a good look, in my opinion, for Drink.

Coach Odom said today that he not heard that, but that everybody is recruiting a lot of the same kids and he wasn’t going to worry about what others were saying.

While I understand that Coach Drinkwitz was understandably happy about getting the kid, it’s not as if the kid was Darren McFadden so his reaction was definitely over the top.

This. We should keep our powder dry until we beat them. It’s been a while since that happened.

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