Misery beats Florida in OT

Tiggers went for two after they matched Florida’s OT touchdown, Bazelak hit an ugly fallaway flip to the TE over a Florida blitz for the 2. 24-23 Misery. They’re bowl eligible now.

We must destroy them!!!

This team needs to understand that Mizzou will trash talk and pump themselves up for us like we are a rival.

I look for Jefferson and our RB’s to beat them into the ground.


Welp I can only see that as a positive

Mizzou doesn’t have to beat Arkansas to go to a bowl

Now time for Arkansas to beat Mizzou and get a better bowl - the Razorbacks deserve it


Those were two ugly teams today

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Not sure it matters one way or the other for us. I kinda wanted UF to win so MU would be coming off a loss. OTOH, they’re now bowl eligible and won’t need to beat us to get there. Regardless, I doubt MU’s result will determine much next Friday. One good thing, for whatever it’s worth, is that our schedule looks better with MU beating UF.

I would love to know what’s going on at Florida, though. They’re too talented to have such a lousy record. Mullen must not have the locker room for some reason

If Arkansas plays there game it will be no contest if they screw around they could get beat. Take nothing for granted! I’m sure CSP will remind them of that several times this week!

Can you say Hot Seat ?

I wonder if Dan is missing MSU yet?

Mullen might as well start looking for a job. Our hogs need to come out next Friday and put a whipping on Missouri.
I just hope all the players are ok after this Bama game.

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It will be a good game! But if we come with our A game it shouldn’t be close


We are better than MO, but as several acknowledged in an earlier thread, it’s no layup. We need to play well. Glad it’s at home.

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I believe Scott had it in another post, there are people on the Hill that will take Friday’s game personal , the Hogs will be ready

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Dan’s seat is not hot, its been removed. He is done… toast… soon to be terminated!!

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OH thats hurts just thinking about it - Watch Lane Kiffin take the Job

I was just listening to a podcast (can a podcast be live? This was) by Andy Staples and Ari Wasserman of The Athletic. They were discussing Dead Coach Walking and one of them said if he was the Florida AD he’d offer Sam Pittman and make him say no. To which the other one responded “Which he would.”

It’s nice to hear Coach Pittman would turn down the Florida job! I think he wants to win on the hill. Mullen isn’t the only at Florida that’s in danger of getting fired! The AD Scott Strickland may get axed too! He hired Mullen.

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