Misery beats Bama

Tiggers built a 22-point lead and held on for dear life in the last six minutes at CoMo. Ocean Scum shot 33% from the floor (worse from 2 than from 3) but got to the line enough to make Misery sweat. Mizzou won despite shooting only 15% from deep.

So Bama is 10-1, Misery is 6-3, us, Florida and LSU are 6-4, and Tennessee is 5-4 playing at Rupp tonight. The Scum will still probably win the regular season title but they’re a lot closer to the pack, and if we can beat them at BWA it gets really interesting.

We’re doomed if we only score 5 points the first 12 minutes of this one.

I would have said the same thing before the Moo U game too. And did when I turned the game on and it was 18-5 at exactly that point.

Not sure our guys could allow Bama to roar back like that and still win. We seem to lack a bit of the end of game punch. Besting MSU is just different. Still, I like our chances against Bama…I really liked our chances against the Aggies, too.

We couldn’t ask fir a better draw than having Bama, LSU and Florida at home,

Pretty good draw when you need a few Q-1 wins! Throw Missouri in theee for a Road game too!

Mitchell Smith was a defensive hero for Mizzou. The kid never developed into Bobby Portis as some once thought he might, but he has become a valuable piece of a very good team. I can’t help but wonder…

Looks like Alabama is starting to endure a rough stretch, which has plagued every SEC team so far. Their probably good enough to finish out on top with the big cushion they have built, but we have caught a break playing Alabama, Florida and LSU at home unless Covid interferes.

It’s a tough league. I thought in December that the SEC teams would beat each other up pretty well. That’s been true of everyone except Bama and maybe now true for them in February.

The 3 ball has stopped falling for Bama and they are even missing dunks! They missed 2 dunks in the Missouri game and also they don’t make their free throws. They started making shots late in the game and played with a sense of urgency.

Alabama’s toughest opponents are behind them, other than their trip to Fayetteville. To win the league outright, they’ll have to win the games they are “supposed to win” - @SC, UGA, @State, Auburn… won’t be easy

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