Misery beats Bama

So Mizzou finishes 7-11 in league play and would tie us for 10th if we lose to the Ags. So would Ole Miss if they beat Moo U. Somebody in that tie would have to play Wednesday and I have no idea how the tiebreaker would fall. However, if we beat A&M, we move into 9th place because we definitely have the head-to-head over Bama.

Vandy beat the Poultry which probably pops their bubble (if losing to TAM is bad, Vandy is worse). Again we’re competing with a lot of teams for the final at-large but eliminating one doesn’t hurt.

One thing for sure: We need San Diego State to win tonight. Utah State may or may not get an at-large but if they get the automatic SDSU is definitely getting an at-large.

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