Miracle in Miami

Yogi Berra: “It ain’t over till it’s over.”


* NFL is blocking it, you have to go to the You Tube link that pops up, sorry.

It was great to see this happen to the Patriots. For once it would be nice to see what they can do without home field advantage in the playoffs. It has been so easy over the years coming out of that weak division to play all playoff games in the middle of winter in New England.

Amazing. Never quit until the final tick of the clock.

As a Dolphins fan I am ashamed to say I changed the channel once New England hit that field goal with only seconds remaining.

After that last second Hog loss this weekend I just couldn’t stomach the ending …

Dowell Loggains is the OC in Miami. I texted him this morning. Congrats. They have practiced that play to end practice the last 10 Saturdays or day before games. He said last week was first time they got it right in practice.

Either Belichek or his DC out thought themselves putting Gronk back on D.

I talked to Dowell. He said one of the keys was the last block from guard Ted Larson. I heard an interview with Larson. He downplayed the block and that he ran 60 yards to throw it. Larson said, “I was running behind the play hoping to get a lateral. It’s the last option in the play. Fortunately, there was no lateral and I blocked the guy.” Now, that would have been a treat, one more lateral to an offensive guard. Larson did say that he would get fined by the rest of the offensive line for doing the interview. Offensive linemen are not supposed to be doing interviews. Best that no one mentions there names, Larson said. Of course, usually when someone talks about a linemen it’s because of a holding call or a missed block that leads to a sack. You want to be like an umpire when no one knows you are there.