I’m just doing this so that I can laugh at myself after the season. Here are my predictions:

Gafford 29
Harris 27
Jones 24
Joe 23
Embery 23
Chaney 21
Bailey 17
Osabuohien 12
Sills 12
Henderson 7
All Others 5

I hope that you are wrong to exclude Phillips from meaningful minutes. Assuming he is healthy, I think he will be in the mix for serious playing time. It is a fun exercise because outside of Gafford, we have no idea who will play how much. Any of the other scholarship players could be in the mix for most minutes behind Gafford.

By the time SEC play begins I predict Phillips will be getting 20+ minutes per

Response- one of the things I can say with a great deal of certainty is Mike returnees always return for the next season improved from last season. Hence Gabe and Bailey may have been short changed, of course we shall see.

This pecking order seems to quite probable to me

Using your total number of minutes for the 10 names above:

Non Conference games--------SEC games
Gafford 27 --------------------------31
Harris 24-----------------------------20
Jones 24-----------------------------26
Joe 26-------------------------------28
Embery 26--------------------------26
Chaney 20--------------------------14
Bailey 20----------------------------22
Osabuohien 10--------------------10
Sills 9--------------------------------9
Henderson 9-----------------------9
The remaining minutes??--------5

IMO, by start of the SEC schedule, Embery will have taken over the most minutes at PG and Joe will be getting the second most minutes on the team. I also believe eventually we will see Harris and Embery on the floor at the same time with Embery playing the SF, relieving Jones. I also believe Phillips may see close to double digit minutes, just don’t who will be giving up those minutes. Also, I think by SEC season, our starters (or the 5 with starter minutes) will be Gafford, Jones, Joe, Embery, and Bailey. Most improved returning player will be Bailey.

So Embery is going to be playing SF and PG simultaneously? A very talented youngster, or cloned.

It’s simple. Not all of Harris’ minutes are at the PG position. Just like Embery’s minutes will not all be as the PG. Harris may have a hot shooting night, and play some 2G. Or a couple 2Gs may be in foul trouble with Harris subbing for them. I would expect that Joe may see a few minutes at PG (he’s a great passer), as well as Sills.

I think CMA will play 10-11 guys and he’ll play at least 10 guys double figures in minutes this year, this year IMO will be the most balanced team minute wise he’s had at Arkansas. We’ll see a lot of guys in that 15-22 MPG range.

Total MPG
Gafford - 26 MPG
Harris - 25 MPG
Joe - 22 MPG
Phillips - 22 MPG
Chaney - 19 MPG
Embery - 18 MPG
Jones - 18 MPG
Bailey - 16 MPG
Gabe - 15 MPG
Sills - 15 MPG
Henderson - 4 MPG

By Position Breakdown
1 - Harris (25 MPG) / Sills (15 MPG)
2 - Joe (22 MPG) / Embery (18 MPG)
3 - Phillips (22 MPG) / Jones (18 MPG)
4 - Bailey (16 MPG) / Gabe (15 MPG) / Chaney (9 MPG)
5 - Gafford (26 MPG) / Chaney (10 MPG) / Henderson (4 MPG)

I don’t see Ibby playing any significant minutes his first year. He didn’t play at all last year and still has a way to go development wise, so I think him and Holmes will be the cleanup minutes guys this year we root for when they get in.

A couple of minor comments to your post.

I am not sure Sills is ready to play 1 this year. I think Embery will get those minutes.

Ibrahim is a true mystery guy. Anxious to see him in live games to make a call on him. I think he will either play few minutes or redshirt. I don’t think he will be a Holmes. He may be one of those rare guys that actually red shirts in college ball.

I’ve heard nothing but good things about Sills from a few different people, from what I’ve been hearing about him wouldn’t shock me if he’s the first guard off the bench. Embery has been hurt most of the time he’s been on campus and I still don’t think he’s 100%, plus he was hurt a lot his senior season, and was never 100% then either. I think among the two if anyone will be a bit behind it will be Embery. Although, I do think Embery has the most upside among those two guys.

As far as Ibby, I think Scottie was the one that gave us an update on him really struggling in pick-up games, and not able to handle passes, to the point to where guys didn’t want him on their team. Plus, he didn’t play all of last year for his senior season, and when he did play his junior year he only averaged like 4 PPG. He’s a classic high risk high reward guy, I think staff picked him up with the intent of giving him one or two years to see if he can turn into a high major player and if he doesn’t ask him to transfer. I don’t think they’ll redshirt him for that reason, so he won’t lose his redshirt year if they ask him to transfer, plus they’ve never redshirted anyone in the past unless it was because of a medical reason or injury. With the in-state classes we have coming I highly doubt they would tie up any scholarship longer than they have to.

Scotty’s report was followed by a report that Ibby had 20 and 15 in a pickup game. But regardless, I agree with your assessment of where his game is at this point. I think his athletic skills and length is what has them and the Baylor coach intrigued.

That was McPherson that reported the 20/15 game and not Scottie. And McPherson left out all details of the pick-up game, and he didn’t have any exact stats all he just said was he heard he had 20+ and 15+. Was it a pick-up game with all Hog players, or was it like a pick-up game at the Hyper mixed with some regular guys? Also, who was guarding him? Was Gafford on the opposite team and he dropped those numbers against him, I tend to lean towards if he put up those numbers against Gafford then it would have been noted. Also, McPherson typically answers people’s questions, someone tweeted at him and asked what kind of scrimmage was it and he ignored the question.

While Gafford should lead the team in minutes, he won’t, because of foul trouble.

Harris, will lead the team in minutes. Gafford will be second. Bailey and Osu should be next in line, but that must may depend upon which of Joe, Jones, Embrey and Phillips rises to the top as a serious scoring threat.