Minutes for Barford and Macon

I knew and so did everyone that these two guys have been playing a lot of minutes because the guard depth has been seriously impacted with Garland sitting out. What I did not know until I heard it Bo’s show today, that no one has played more minutes than these two in the Anderson era.

It looks like Barford is being asked to play tougher man defense, and I think that is wearing him down a bit more as well.

Simple play less full court press (scramble)
That will save some energy. Or just simply play Hall of CJ in his place. Rotate Macon and Bardford.
If the hogs would have taken each possession serious and gotten good shots aginst Kentucky the hogs would have built a lead. Then they can rest! The old good hog teams could build a lead and go ait and let the next group come in and play 5 or so minutes and then come. Back in.
This team can’t. Depth or discipline which is the largest issue? I would say discipline.

This is why I have been harping on using more match up zone and much less trapping man to reduce stress on them. Mike made the change last year.

The underlying problem with this team is they do not listen! Attitude and they do their own thing! Talk is cheap and to this point they are lucky to be on the 8-9 seed line for the Dance. The talk to come back and make a run in March was simply talk they have failed to put in the work to earn a decent seed or site selection! They are a scoobie snack for a # 1 seed in the second round. I sure hope it’s North Carolina again! Maybe they can get lucky and finally get a “W”. It’s highly doubtful but not impossible.

Are you saying that Macon and Barford have not put in the work and are having bad years?

No I’m saying they make poor decisions at times and fail to live up to their expectations. Instead of going to the hole aginst Kentucky when they were fouling they keep throwing up jump shots when MA was wanting them to take the ball to the hole.

I think the problem is not so much bad decisions is that Macon and Barford get no real help off the bench in scoring so they have to do it.

I’m not sure the expectation for either Macon or Barford coming in was that they would be great defenders. They were brought in with a reputation of being high scorers, and they’ve met that expectation. I think the guys who were brought in in the 17 and 18 classes have much better reps as defenders as a group.

Not bad years! They have not been able to play with enough control! Macon argued with fans in a game while taking the ball out of bounds! That’s just an example! It could be the pressure of trying to get to the NBA!
The hogs would be lost without them but neither one of them are a true point guard and that plays into this as well!
Both are scorers and get on the ragged edge! They are asked to do more than they are truly capable of doing point guard duties and lead the team in scoring.
Decisions that a point guard would be making for them would have made both of them more productive.
Don’t get me wrong I’m glad they are hogs!

I disagree with you always blaming the players while never acknowledging MIke’s role as the HC. Mike is in charge and needs to adapt for his roster. His style does not work with this roster and it has worn down our limited depth of guards. I am asking for Mike to adapt and change because I would rather keep Mike, but he needs to go if he won’t adapt.

Mike’s system needs to be modified but he is too stubborn in spite of a roster and rules that won’t support the system. He won’t see near the success NR had with it. Mike changed to match up zone last year but this year he is partially adapting.
After we lost to Vandy last year, Mike used matchup zone 75% or more of the time which helped us go on a run to finish the season.

Barford has been tired since the Tennessee game and needs rest. His offense and defense is totally different if he isn’t playing too much and trying to carry the team. Macon and Beard are tired too but you can tell Barford is more fatigued. Very few if any, elite teams use Mike and Nolan’s scheme. Why?

I think Barford and Macon are a great duo. Both are exciting players to watch and are darn good. You can add Gafford to the mix.

These three make the Hogs a dangerous team when they are hot. We need for some of the other players to emerge to solidify the NCAAT bid and make a run. That is my plan.


we have no choice but to play them! no chance without them…stop all the trapping and play some zone will give them some rest…this is not a deep team at all.


They do play zone.

don’t play much Zone not enough to get real good at it.