Minor league pay stub posted on Twitter

A player in the Giants organization posted his final paycheck on Twitter. This article shows the image, plus some commentary. BTW, he credits the Giants with paying well to the players in their minor league teams.

Guess California’s Governor has a new battle to wage (poor pun).

10th round pick who got 100k signing bonus. Added up it not bad to chase a dream.

I wish someone would explain to me the sentiment that nobody deserves to get paid. College athletes? Be happy with your free education. Minor league players? You got a bonus (never mind that some of the bonuses are pitifully small). Big leaguers? Greedy so-and-sos.

Is it jealousy that they get paid to play a game, or is it the notion that the employee is always replaceable and the boss can pay them whatever he thinks he can get away with? Considering the amount of screaming about minimum wage laws, I lean toward the latter.

lf your response was to me, my response was neither about the correctness of NCAA regulations, nor whether the minor leagues pay is sufficient, it was about what I saw as kind of a political showboating stunt.

However you seem to be very comfortable in interpreting what is behind others’ thinking and reaching less than complimentary conclusions of others.

So you think that an annual income of $8,216.58 is a livable wage? Assuming that the player is in spring training and playing from March through September, his take home each month was $1,173.80. Even if he used part of his bonus, I wonder how long he can afford to chase that dream?

BTW (depending on the state taxes) if an individual earned $15/hour, his take-home would be about $2,188.65.

Nobody forces them to play minor league ball… it’s a choice and choices have consequences. I’ve known many an intern that worked for $0 to have a chance to become a full time, or even paid part time, employee.

I don’t think it’s a livable wage but it surely didn’t come as a surprise. With the $100k signing bonus that’s another $8300 a month so $9200 a month is a livable wage.

I’m assuming your $15 hour statement is meant to be annual…not monthly… right? Have to be a lot of hours to make $12k a month take home at $15/hr :slight_smile:

That assumes that he would use his 100K for one year. What about all of those years that it might take to break into the show? Also, please note the many draftees who get a much smaller signing bonus. It’s no wonder that so many are forced to give up after a year or two in the minors.

doh And yeah, I did that post too quickly. It’s been corrected.

Valid points… I don’t have a strong opinion on this one way or another. My divemaster on the boat in Kauai last month was in the minors for two years. Went straight out of high school. He said he blew his bonus on a nice car and new clothes then had to share an apartment with two other guys to get by. He blew out his elbow and had to quit so the organization paid his way through college. He felt it was totally worth the experience and he had a cool car in college :slight_smile:

I’m sure it’s a tough road for many and probably (didn’t look it up) a small percentage actually make it to the show.

You left his 100k bonus out of the math. He chose this path. He could go get a job like the average person does. He might not be a Mike Piazza but he has a chance and many a success story has started with a chance.

If you read the article linked in the OP, you know that he is trying to save that bonus. Yes, he has a chance, but how long he can afford to pursue that dream is made shorter by such low wages. I have seen several articles and TV shows about this issue. Most players would be OK if they were only paid minimum wage.

I think trying to save his 100k bonus is admirable but it’s still money he is paid as a young athlete to play a game. MHO