Minnesota game thread

Gafford getting the start today.

Dustin Thomas came to play 6 quick point and an assist. Gafford had a great move to the hole and scored. Bardford looks motivated. Come on hogs good start.

So far so good.

Blu the flow was much better starting this game than the last few! They are making shots and plays

Yep, they are fired up for this one. I think Gafford has something to do with it as well, he just brings energy, hard to be on the court with him and not be fired up. Hall is also one of those guys, he’s really starting to become a problem for other teams with his defense.

Hogs looking like those horses at the Arkansas derby…out running the break

Hogs are on a 120-point pace so far.

I would like to see a 60 point half.

This Minny team is good, they just won’t go away. Macon is having a rough game. He should have just went up and tried to draw the foul instead of that pass, that ended up being a 5 point swing.

What’s with the guys in shark suits? Do we have Ole Miss visitors?

Only 50 points at half. Darn

Worried about 2nd half, don’t think we can shoot 67% again.

He had 7 assists in the first half.

They are getting a lot of free throws. We are getting very few.

I would say surprising since we are at home, but Top 25 teams seem to get the benefit of calls

Sometimes the simple play is better than the behind the back fast break pass that ended up headed the other way!
Yes that 5 point swims stinks. They have not called the fouls on our offensive end the same way as the Minny end!
The free throw line has keep Minny close.
Well 50 point half is good would have been nice to get 60.

0 points and 7 dimes is not the half I expected from Macon for sure.

We got them right where we want.

Love hearing Bud Walton loud again.

Hogs feed off of it.

I like the 7 dimes in the first half but Macon really didn’t look for his shot much. I still think he finishes in double figures