Minnesota game-Saturday-TV?

I thought for sure that ESPN or SEC Network would pick up the Minnesota vs Arkansas game for Saturday. I was going to record it and it isn’t on TV, at least where I live. I’ll try to pick it up on the computer feed from Watch ESPN, but that may be tough as I’ll be watching the grandkids Saturday evening and I don’t think they will understand why I’m trying to put them to bed 1.5 hours before their Saturday night bedtime.

The schedule shows it’s on the SEC network.

True, but the SEC network schedule shows Green Bay/Mizzou.

Yes, that game is listed twice @ 6:45 and again @ 9:00 (the actual time of the Missery game). Per ESPN the 6:45 game on SECN is the AR game

Arkansas’ game will be on SEC Network at 5:45 p.m.

Thanks! I’ll record that time slot, regardless of what it says on the schedule.