Minimizing The Loss Of Talent

I was one of the few who did not think that they should have fired Morris. l did not like a lot of things that he was doing and there was certainly justification for his firing but my fear was that the negative impact on recruiting and player transfers would be devastating. No need to slam me for having that opinion as I already know that I must be wrong because so many think the opposite.

I have lost count on all of the recruits who have had a change of heart but the number remaining committed to Arkansas is pretty slim. Of course some of those might be persuaded to change their minds once again after the new coach is selected but this at the present time is not looking good for the recruiting process and then you have to wonder how many will enter the transfer portal once this season is over. Maybe they play great against LSU as optimism seems to be high right now but a solid thrashing by LSU will be really hard to handle and that is what is suppose to happen.

My point in bringing all of this up is to suggest that I do not think that they can wait very long to get this thing settled. It sounds great to say don’t rush everything … take your time and get it right, etc. but the truth of the matter is that they really need someone who can settle the ship and start the recruiting process all over again. There are some coaches who could afford to make the move immediately but some of the ones being touted for the job will be in bowls and I do not understand how that could work for the coach or for the U of A. A coach with a bowl team might be able to make the announcement and still coach the bowl game but most schools would move on and assign a interim coach to coach the bowl game.

I think they have to get the right guy but the right guy seems to me to have to be a guy who can at least publicly announce that he is going to Arkansas. Just curious as to how everyone sees the timeline of this hire impacting the decision? What coaches would be able to make the move right now?

No sitting HCs could announce right now.