Mindless Dan Skipper tidbit

He obviously loves his wife, but before he got married he had the hots for Taylor Swift.

Just saw her on the Billboard awards. Thought I would bring this breaking news to the board.

Richard are you saying after marriage Big Dan kicked Taylor to the curb in his mind and no longer has that crush or does he still have fantasies about her?
Mindlessly just wondering here.

Of course he did. lol

Skipper may be the only one that didn’t date Swift…

If Taylor Swift pops up on my radio (or my Pandora channels), I quickly hit thumbs down. Not real music in my mind. She may be a good song writer, but I don’t want to hear her TRY to sing. They probably listen to her in the Texas football stadium. Maybe she fits there, right?

I really liked Dan Skipper infact I loved all of the early Coach Bret Olines

Coach Bret’s early trencmen were the best we have seen since 1998 imho

How is Dan Skipper Clay? Or anybody ?