Mills- Parkview Score?


Parkview 54-51. Henderson 11 pts, 5 rebs, 4 blocks

Looks like Allen Flanigan had a nice game today too. Is he considered a D-1 prospect?

Yes, but I don’t know yet it it will be as a high major.

This spring and summer will be key.

My old retired Hall of Fame Coach friend said that the Flanigan kid looked like the best player on the court today. He was not impressed with Henderson.

Labb I’ve never been overly impressed with him either. I think he was recruited more on athleticism and potential than on production.

Improved a bunch since last year. He has Nicky Davis potential. Has to fill out and get stronger. Parkview guards struggled against Mills guards feeding the post.

That’s an interesting comparison. Nicky Davis had one heckuva a senior season, but was pretty quiet before that. I don’t remember how many seasons he played for us. I hope it doesn’t take Ethan that long to develop. If Big Dan leaves, EH is going to have play big minutes next year. I doubt he’ll be ready.

Nicky was a 3 year guy. Played one year in JC. Came on late in his second year and had an all sec senior year. Henderson is a better athlete which gives him the chance to contribute sooner.

Ethan has work to do on his game. He’s primarily a paint guy right now and scores off put backs from rebounds. His athleticism is very good and gives him a chance to be a good defender.

I agree. Big upside, coach Flanigan says he is very coachable. Watch him develop under this staff. They do that part well.

For Ethan’s sake, I hope Gafford stays and allow time for Ethan to develop.

look for flanigan to go wherever his dad ends up as an assistant unless he goes to Auburn like his dad if he’s good.