Miles to Kansas Rumors Continue … oaching-c/

Suits me. He’s not a bad coach. KU is a terrible job. Both probably benefit. Since we don’t play them, I’m fine with it either way.

I can’t see Miles going to a school with artificial turf. :smiley:

Yeah, not sure that is in his diet!

That made me smile! :smiley:

His agent can negotiate replacing the turf w grass :sunglasses:

He had turf at Okie Lite. Maybe he picked up grazing once he arrived in Red Stick. But I’m sure they could put in a strip of Bermuda somewhere in the Lawrence stadium for him.

Better make the clocks big too.

Maybe he’ll have to get a set of fake choppers to match!

It would be interesting to see if or how fast he could turn the program around, very little pressure to produce early. They might hire him just to cause a distraction from the BBALL fiasco that has been allowed to run amuck of the ncaa rules. I hope it happens just to see how it turns out for him and I wish him success! WPS

Responding more seriously . . . IMO, this would be yet another example of a downtrodden program (Kansas - elite in Hoops, mediocre in everything else) hiring a “re-tread” to get some name recognition and attention. Can’t think of too many of those that have really been successful, in the traditional sense. That is to say, other than the attention itself, did it really translate into the coach recapturing his former championship form?

I’m reminded of post-Indiana Bobby Knight (and post-Kentucky Tubby Smith) at Texas Tech; post-Auburn Tommy Tubberville at Tech and Cincinnati; you could even throw in post-Clemson Danny Ford at Arkansas.

If it happens, I see Miles being there for 3-4 years before he is fired with something like a 15-33 record. Program may get a bit better and have more attention (initially), but not enough to make any kind of real impact in the long run.

It would be a terrible hire. Miles underachieved while at LSU, all that talent and only one championship.

Personally I hope that Miles is able to win at Kansas. It would be nice to watch him beat OU, Texas and Okite Lite. Will it happen? One thing for sure he is entertaining.

Credit where credit is due. Nailed it